I am a spaceflight historian, freelance writer, and the blogger behind Vintage Space, which is now hosted by Popular Science.

My interest in spaceflight’s history and prehistory started in the second grade when, while researching for a science project on Venus, I found a cartoon drawing of two astronauts on the Moon. I’m sure I knew at that point that men had gone to the Moon – the famous Earthrise picture wasn’t unfamiliar – but somehow that cartoon drove home the reality that men had actually stood on the surface and seen the Earth over the Moon’s horizon.

I wanted to know how and why men had made the journey from the Earth to the Moon, so I started reading anything I could find about the Apollo program. And the more I read the more questions I had. That’s still the case today. The more I dig into NASA’s archives the more strange technologies and untold stories I find, adding layers not only to the early space age but of spaceflight’s prehistory as well. I’m still answering my seven-year-old self’s question, because the answer gets more interesting all the time.

I’ve turned this childhood fascination into a career as a spaceflight historian and space writer; links to all my online profiles, including Vintage Space, are on the right.