I’m very pleased to be a new contributing writer on Aviation Week and Space Technology’s blog On Space. My first article, which went live this morning, covers a story about the DynaSoar program that didn’t make it into my previous article here on Vintage Space. In 1961, Neil Armstrong was an engineering consultant on loan from NASA to the USAF to work on the program. He was tasked with, and succeeded in, developing the developing the launch abort manoeuvre for DynaSoar. (Left, a full scale mockup of DynaSoar in 1962. Image credit: Boeing.)


  • Garrett Clark says:

    I was privileged to meet one of the test pilots for this program 2 years ago, and heard some first-hand accounts that really described the excitement of those early space years. Air Force Col. Albert Crews never made it into space even though he was selected for Dyna-Soar and later the Manned Orbiting Laboratory program.
    Keep up the great writing and congrats on your new venue!

  • […] Armstrong, with his dual background in piloting and engineering, was assigned the task of designing the launch abort manoeuvre. He was also heavily involved in the Gemini program while still working at Edwards as an engineer […]

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