Stepping into Space, and History

White floating around the Gemini 4 spacecraft on June 3, 1965. Credit: NASA

On June 3, 1965, Ed White stood on his seat in the Gemini 4 capsule with his head sticking out of the spacecraft anxiously waiting for Houston to give him a ‘go’ for America’s first EVA. It was a relatively simple EVA in that White didn’t have any tasks beyond testing the suit and various means of manoeuvering in orbit for later missions. But that doesn’t mean it was easy. White did face some challenges on NASA’s first EVA, but overall it was a stunning success.

The EVA was developed in secret; the American people and many within NASA didn’t find out about the mission objective until two weeks before launch. Once he was out, the historic mission was broadcast live for the nation to hear. Read more about it on Discovery News.


  • Gary Church says:

    Graceful untethered Gemini EVA using a jet pack type MMU was one of the big lost opportunities IMO. Some nice film of such an excursion instead of Whites clumsy foundering may have really fired the imagination of the world concerning what space exploratrion represents. Even the shuttle Melnick MMU footage leaves much to be desired. What a waste.

  • Gary Church says:

    Clumsy floundering, sorry.

  • Bob Shaw says:

    Not a video camera, Amy! That really started on Apollo, despite some dabbling during Project Mercury. It was still the era of film…

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