My article about Apollo 18, the movie released last fall that presents “found footage” of a lost Apollo mission, remains one of the most read articles on my blog. It seems people are still very curious about the story of Apollo 18, specifically whether or not it was a real mission. So, I turned the key pieces of my article into a Vintage Space Video.


  • helmsb says:

    Great video! I didn’t realize the Apollo/Soyuz mission was designated as Apollo 18.

  • Stu Young says:

    Very succinct, Amy!
    In my “research,” I recorded in my “aerospace journal” that only $42.1 million was saved by canceling Apollos 18 & 19. I think my “source” was Encyclopedia Astronautica. But, in my typically disorganized record-keeping style, I forgot to indicate whether that was in 1972, or later, dollars. (You have inspired me to start keeping better records!).
    Have you looked into such proposals as the SLA “mini-” lunar base, the MOLAb rover, dual-Saturn V launches for lunar expeditions, LESA, and LM variants (Truck, Taxi, etc.)? Some, if not all, of these proposals were generated by the AAP. I would love to see articles/videos by you on these ideas!

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