Neil Armstrong OpEd in the Guardian

A smiling Armstrong inside the X-15’s cockpit. Credit: NASA

I was asked to write an opinion piece on Neil Armstrong’s passing for the Guardian. I thought a lot about the role he’s played in spaceflight history, not just because of the missions he flew but because of what he stood for in the space race. “With Armstrong’s death, the chapter of spaceflight history that opened with Kennedy’s pledge in 1961 has closed… we’ve lost the man who is recognised the world over as embodying Apollo’s triumph.”

 I think it’s up to historians to preserve Armstrong’s legacy within the context of the space race so he might serve as an inspirational figure to future generations. After all, he will always be the first man to have walked on the Moon and symbolic of Apollo’s success no matter what comes next. Read my full article on the Guardian.


  • Stu Young says:

    Very good article, as always, Amy! And asked by the “Guardian” to contribute – heady stuff!
    My thoughts about Armstrong: with his steadiness, and his quick thinking (demonstrated during at least 2 emergencies – his Gemini flight with David Scott, and the failure of directional thrusters during one of his LLRV flights – he was the perfect person to pilot “Eagle” away from the unexpected boulder field seen during the final descent.
    -Stu Young

  • It´s hoping to read someone that focuses on the spirit of the times and the meaning of Armstrong figure to human kind as explorers and, above all, wanderers.

    Thank you for sharing your vision. I enjoyed every word.

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