Phantom Cosmonauts

Cosmonauts at the seaside resort at Sochi. In the photo on the right, Grigoriy Nelyubov has been airbrushed out. It’s just one of a number of doctored Soviet photographs from the early 1960s.

The Soviet Union was notoriously secretive about its space program in the early 1960s. Missions weren’t announced before they launched, and failures were covered up and  labeled as test flights or booster development flights. Adding to the mystery surrounding the Soviet space program were reports in the Western media of cosmonauts who may or may not have existed. Rehashing these Soviet-era mysteries in the present day, a Spanish artist created an exhibit in the 1990s around the idea of a cosmonaut killed in flight whose death was covered up.

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  • Jasper says:

    This opening suggests a more in-depth story on those missing people on that famous Sochi photo. Because there are more cosmonauts to-be that were erased from it. I was a bit dissapointed to find out the emphasis was on those tedious fake stories that keep being brought up by conspiracy thinkers.

    The story of those actual missing people on that picture might have been a much more interesting main story. Have you read “The Rocket Men” by Rex Hall and David Shayler? if not, I’d recommend it, it’s a good read!

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