It Happened in Space – Mars PropM Rovers

A model Mars Prop-M rover. Credit: NASA

Long before the Sky Crane lowered Curiosity into Gale Crater, before the twin MER rovers Spirit and Opportunity bounced across the Martian surface, even before Sojourner was a glimmer in its designers’ eyes the Soviet Union launched the twin Prop-M rovers. Though neither rover made it to the surface, the technology stands as a brilliant example of the Soviet ingenuity that gave the nation an early lead in space. I tell the Prop-Ms’ story, in brief, in my first video for Scientific American.

Incidentally, I’m very excited to announce that I’m doing a monthly video series – “It Happened in Space” – for Scientific American!


    • asteitel says

      Ben, you should be able to subscribe to my You Tube channel for email updates when I post new videos. As for the videos with Scientific American, I’m not too sure. You could subscribe to their Space Lab channel since that’s where they’re posted, otherwise just keep an eye out; mine go up, I believe, the second Thursday of every month.


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