Vintage Space Has Moved to Popular Science

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Apollo 7's launch on October 11, 1968.

Apollo 7’s launch on October 11, 1968.

After nearly three years, more than 190 posts, and more than 930,000 pageviews, Vintage Space is moving! Popular Science has just launched a new blog network, and I’m very excited that Vintage Space is a part of itMy inaugural post, in which I try to put into words what my blog is about and why I started it, is live on the new site.

Which means I won’t be posting to this Vintage Space anymore. To keep getting updates you’ll have to subscribe to the RSS feed at PopSci. As for all the blog content already on this site, it will stay here as an archive since I don’t want to delete any content from where it was originally published, though eventually it will be duplicated and moved to PopSci so my whole blog is in one place. As for this site generally, it will still be my online home, and I will still update all the pages with relevant news.

I’m very excited about this next step. And I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge how much my readers have pushed me to keep researching, thinking about, and writing solid content about all kinds of obscure aspects of spaceflight’s history. Without an audience, Vintage Space wouldn’t have become the blog it is.


  • Liz Russ says:

    Congratulations Amy! A very exciting new path in store for you and Vintage Space!

  • Dan Solcher says:

    Awesome! I look forward to relive memories of pioneers in your future posts!

  • Savta says:

    :( You are going where I don’t know how to follow -don’t understand the RSS thing

    • asteitel says:

      Savta, I think they’re working on setting up an email subscription for individual blogs. If that doesn’t work, and if it’s something people may want, I might start a weekly email newsletter with links for those who don’t use RSS readers.

  • Rob W says:

    Congratulations Amy but I’m very sad. Your move to Pop Sci has left your Aussie readers high and dry. The link to pop sci defaults to the Aussie version.
    Farewell Vintage Space. Farewell Amy.

    • asteitel says:

      Rob, does following a link to the blog directly still default to the Australian site? If there’s no way to view the US site or see the blog network from the Australian site let me know and I’ll ask about international (from the US standpoint) readers.

      • Rob W says:

        G’day Amy,
        I’ve tried to access the blog directly from the link you provide above, it results in the web page directing to a page not found message on the Australian version of Pop Sci.

        I don’t seem to be able to find a way to access the US site or the blog – probably due to geo-blocking.


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